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Hoosier Hill Farm Heavy Cream Powder Jar, 2 Lb

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Hoosier Hill Farm dried sweet cream with 72 percent butterfat. Contains sweet cream, nonfat milk, sodium caseinate and anti-caking agent. Gives a rich flavor and creamy mouth feel to mixtures without adding moisture. Shelf stable dairy that can be added to products dry or be reconstituted with water or other liquids.

Try using a blender to mix 3/8 cup (or 6 Tablespoons) of powder with a cup of cold water and let the mix sit overnight in the refrigerator to make each cup of heavy cream.

Each pound of heavy cream will make approximately 5 cups.

- Use in sweet bakery recipes such as sweet potato casserole

- Add to coffee or tea instead of creamer (for best results, whisk Heavy Cream Powder with cold water before adding to your hot beverage)

- Make your own cream of chicken soup with chicken broth

- Use in soap making

Naturally Gluten Free. Hormone rBGH and rBST free.

Shelf Life: 10-12 months

The policy of Hoosier Hill Farm is to provide products free of any bovine growth hormone drugs (including rBST). Our milk supplier(s) have signed affidavits stating that they do not use these drugs. Therefore, we can certify that our products are free from these hormones.
Sweet Cream Solids.
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