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Hoosier Hill Farm Fancy Baby White Popcorn, 3 Pound

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Hoosier Hill Farm offers the best, most unique blends of gourmet popcorn available. You're getting true gourmet popcorn from the popcorn experts. Grown, packaged and shipped from Northeast Indiana, you're guaranteed outstanding taste, texture, and quality. If it doesn't meet our high standards, we don't sell it. We take great pride in our gourmet popcorn which makes us stand out from all the others.

3 pound reclosable bag of our Famous Hoosier Hill Farm Fancy Baby White popcorn; Popcorn lovers who want to shove handfuls into their mouth will want this lightly sweet tasting popcorn. Pops small, sweet, and nearly hulless (meaning less hulls than regular popcorn). This variety will quickly become a favorite - it is our Premium Non-GMO popcorn, High in fiber and antioxidants grown specifically for tenderness and taste, Great for snack time and movie night, Hoosier Hill Farm Brand - This is fresh from the farm gourmet popping corn.

Choose from our many specialty varieties of mouthwatering gourmet popcorn. Once you discover Hoosier Hill Farm's gourmet popcorn you'll never buy commercial popcorn again. This is one of our more popular popcorn varieties.

Hoosier Hill Popcorn will stay freshest if the container is securely sealed and stored in a cool, dry pantry. It is best to avoid moisture, so avoid storing in a freezer or refrigerator.

Stovetop method: Use 3 Tablespoons coconut oil per every 4 oz. unpopped kernels. Place oil and 3 unpopped kernels in your popper over medium heat. Oil temperature of 450F degrees works great. When all three kernels pop, add the rest of your unpopped kernels quickly and proceed with popping. This method ensures that the moisture in the kernels turns to steam quickly instead of heating and escaping slowly.

If you use a hot air popcorn popper, do not add the popcorn until the popper has run fully for at least 1 minute. Only then add the popcorn. Do not even add the popcorn to the little holder cup that some hot air poppers use as it just dries out the popcorn, reducing it's "popability". PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the brand and age of your hot air popper, you may need to let it run and heat up for up to 5 minutes.

Shelf Life: 22-24 months

****Available in large bulk sizes to our Wholesale Customers. Visit our Wholesale Landing page for more details on this free program.****
NON-GMO Indiana Popcorn

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Verified Customer
    I only purchased this popcorn because of the claim that it popped into a mushroom shape like that of the famous Chicago style popcorn places. However, it does not. It pops like all other popcorn, which is fine and its tasty, but it isn't why I ordered it.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    tasty and tender
  • Author: Verified Customer
    We are very pleased with the good taste and quality of this product.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    very GOOD popcorn ...
  • Author: Verified Customer
    This is my husband's favorite popcorn. I do not think there is a night that goes by that he does not pop a batch! Small kernels pop up to a tender "hulless" wonder. As long as the quality and freshness standard stays high I will continue to buy.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    very good popcorn will return and buy some more
  • Author: Verified Customer
    So fresh and crispy, I love this type and another from Hoosier Hill Farm, I think it is called Red something or other. Anyway, this company has many types of popcorn available that you will NOT find at any supermarket and they are all so delicious. I won't eat the calories unless the food is delicious and this makes the grade.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    While it wasn't what I meant to order (I meant to order the mushroom popcorn), Hoosier Hill makes excellent popcorn, and now I can vouch for their variety, as well!! I'm already more than half through the popcorn I ordered!! :)
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Great popcorn!
  • Author: Verified Customer
    I so disliked large hulls from yellow popcorn, and the grocery store never had white popcorn so I looked online. Hoosier Hill Farm Baby White caught my eye. It pops quickly - must be very fresh - and delivered a delicious popcorn experience! Hooray! I'll buy it again and again!