> > Hoosier Hill Farm Gourmet Mushroom, Popcorn Lovers 4 lb. Jar.

Hoosier Hill Farm Gourmet Mushroom, Popcorn Lovers 4 lb. Jar.

Hoosier Hill Farm offers the best, most unique blends of gourmet popcorn available. You're getting true gourmet popcorn from the popcorn experts. Grown, packaged and shipped from Northeast Indiana, you're guaranteed outstanding taste, texture, and quality. If it doesn't meet our high standards, we don't sell it. We take great pride in our gourmet popcorn which makes us stand out from all the others.

Mushroom popcorn kernels produce firm, round pieces of popcorn with a bit of chewiness. Mushroom popcorn is different from butterfly popcorn which is light and airy, and tends to pop into complicated shapes. Butterfly popcorn is often served in movie theaters, whereas mushroom popcorn is best suited for making kettle corn and other types of candied popcorn, since its round shape makes it ideal for coating in sugar and syrups.

Choose from our many specialty varieties of mouthwatering gourmet popcorn. Once you discover Hoosier Hill Farm's gourmet popcorn you'll never buy commercial popcorn again. A huge 6 pound resealable bag of Famous Hoosier Hill Farm popcorn High in fiber and antioxidants. Great for snack time and movie night Premium Non-GMO popcorn. High in fiber and antioxidants grown specifically for tenderness and taste. Hoosier Hill Farm Brand - This is fresh from the farm gourmet popping corn. Choose from our many specialty varieties of mouthwatering gourmet popcorn. Once you discover Hoosier Hill Farm's gourmet popcorn you'll never buy commercial popcorn again.

Hoosier Hill Popcorn will stay freshest if the container is securely sealed and stored in a cool, dry pantry. It is best to avoid moisture, so avoid storing in a freezer or refrigerator.

Instructions for Popping Hoosier Hill Farm Mushroom Popcorn
Stovetop method: Use 3 Tablespoons coconut oil per every 4 oz. unpopped kernels. Place oil and 3 unpopped kernels in your popper over medium heat. Oil temperature of 450F degrees works great. When all three kernels pop, add the rest of your unpopped kernels quickly and proceed with popping. This method ensures that the moisture in the kernels turns to steam quickly instead of heating and escaping slowly.

If you use a hot air popcorn popper, do not add the popcorn until the popper has run fully for at least 1 minute. Only then add the popcorn. Do not even add the popcorn to the little holder cup that some hot air poppers use as it just dries out the popcorn, reducing it's "popability". PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the brand and age of your hot air popper, you may need to let it run and heat up for up to 5 minutes.

Shelf Life: 22-24 Months.

****Available in large bulk sizes to our Wholesale Customers. Visit our Wholesale Landing page for more details on this free program.****

Home-made Caramel Popcorn

To make the caramel, mix in a pan 7 oz of salted butter, 17 oz of brown sugar, 10 oz of corn syrup and boil for around 5 min. After that add a teaspoon of baking soda, it will get the puffy consistency instantly.

Drop that caramel on the popped corn and mix it carefully so you wont break the popcorn. In an oven-safe container, put popcorn with coating in the oven on low heat for 10 min, take it out and stir it again, repeat the 10 min and stir process for about 4 to 6 times, or until thoroughly coated and crunchy.
NON-GMO Indiana Popcorn

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Verified Customer
    being a POPCORN LOVER ... THIS IS GREAT !!!!! will BUY AGAIN!!!
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Taste is great! Leaves a few too many unpopped kernels, but I would buy again.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Used once seems to have worked out fine.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    this batch has a lot more 'unpopped' kernels than normal. I'll buy it again and hope for better results.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    We're pretty big popcorn eaters, and we've seen a lot of popcorn. But we've never seen (at home) these perfectly spherical, fluffy, tender, crunchy kernels. This has elevated our popcorn proclivity by quite a bit. Popped in coconut oil, we can pretend we're at the movies with our money still in our pockets!Thanks, Hoosier Farm!
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Good quality no hulls.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Love this stuff!
  • Author: Verified Customer
    This is excellent!!! Exactly what I have been looking for and I will be ordering it again when needed!!! I love popcorn...it is my favorite snack. I use an Amish popper, large heavy metal pot with a rotating paddle anchored in the lid and turned while cooking.....it makes excellent kettle type corn, as well as several savory flavors I have tried. A favorite is to use bacon fat for the oil...it gives the corn a bacon smell and taste with salt added after cooking. this corn pops up light and large and fluffy! I LOVE IT!!!
  • Author: Verified Customer
    This mushroom popcorn is simply the greatest! No other popcorn compares! Some folks on Hoosier Hill Farm have given this popcorn a negative review, which it does not deserve. I have always popped it in an air popper. I think this makes a big difference in the results; large fluffy balls of popcorn and very few duds. This is a fantastic product. If you do not buy it, that is great - leaves all the more for me to buy.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    This is my favorite popcorn for making carmelcorn. Since I've been ab le to get mushrom popcorn. I haven't used anything else and Hoosier Hills' the best>
  • Author: Verified Customer
    excellent popcorn. thanks.
  • Author: lorinmix@yahoo.com
    Best popcorn hands down.