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Hoosier Hill Farm Icelandic Kelp Powder, 1lb.

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Icelandic Kelp. Icelandic Kelp has the highest percentage of minerals, of all available kelps.

For a Nutrition-packed Drink: Mix 1-2 tsp. into water, stir and drink as soon as possible (it will form a gel in less than a minute). Chase with juice. Or try mixing directly into juice.

Drink variations: Mix with any dehydrated green, purple, red or orange drink mix. (An example is barley grass drink, which is especially alkalinizing).

Smoothies: Blend 1-2 tsp. of powdered Kelp into any smoothie.

Kelp & Essential Fatty Acids: Mix 1-2 tsp. Kelp with water and ground flax seeds, ground chia seeds (sold under various names, including "anutra" or "mila"), ground hemp seeds or hemp protein powder. For a broad spectrum of nutrition, include all ingredients in one glass.

Salad dressings: Add to any oil-and-vinegar (or oil-and-lemon juice) based dressing, homemade or premade. It will somewhat emulsify the dressing and make it a bit green. Suggested ΒΌ tsp. per serving.

Shelf Life: 58-60 Months

Salad Dressing
One serving

1/4 tsp. Hoosier Hill Farm Icelandic Kelp Powder
1 Tbsp. rice vinegar
2 Tbsp. toasted sesame oil
1/4 tsp. Hoosier Hill Farm Porcini Powder
1/4 tsp. Italian Herb Blend

Place all ingredients in shaker or food processor. Mix until thoroughly blended

Kelp. 100% natural sustainable wild grown geothermal low-temperature dried green marine algae sea vegetation

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Verified Customer
    It is acceptable
  • Author: Verified Customer
    A bit Grainy or Gritty, but the flavor works
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Great product, I use it in my protien shake every morning. I don't really taste it (good thing) and the texture is bearable, it likes to settle at the bottom but that's just basic physics at work.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Love it!
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Exactly as pictured and described. Great flavor to use as spice in cooking and the powder is fine enough to easily put in capsules for iodine health.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Exactly what I wanted! Taste is a bit overwhelming if you add too much (I use a teaspoon of this in 2 cups flax milk) but can easily be covered up if you like Cacao powder (a heaping tablespoon does the trick). Awesome addition to my meal replacement and can feel the difference when I add it to my meal replacements in the morning. Judging by the taste/smell, this is the real deal and on the stronger side of kelp that I have experienced with (exactly why I got Icelandic) which I assume is due to its iodine content and other trace minerals found in Icelandic kelp powder. I have read a lot of great things about Kelp powder (health benefits) and do struggle with adrenal issues and this seems to help. Overall great product, and will continue to use this in my meal replacement!
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Excellent product
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Excellent product! Good price. I'm an amateur cook expanding my horizons.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Very economical way to take Kelp - much cheaper than the tablets.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Very tasty on my salad. This kelp powder is very easy to eat and has a pleasant 'seaside' taste.I highly recommend this brand.Their customer care is excellent too.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    a great addition to my morning smoothies
  • Author: Verified Customer
    I'm thrilled with this product. I use it to make my own pill pockets for the dogs
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Have thyroid trouble. The natural iodine helps so don't have to take synthetic meds from doc :) Excellent source of trace minerals. Prefer the Icelandic brand since from more remote parts of atlantic ocean.....less toxicity?
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Love this product I use it in my dogs raw food diet everyday very happy with it will buy again.....
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Works well for what I am doing with it......it's a supplement for our cats' raw food diet.Thank you
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Great product which I have ordered multiple times!
  • Author: Verified Customer
    It is too salty for me, but it is a great product. I put a little in my dog's food. She likes it every once and awhile, but then she tires of it. Therefore, I give it to her every few days.