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Hoosier Hill Farm Instant Clear Jel, 1.5 Lbs.

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Instant Clear Jel is an amazing food starch that thickens foods instantly without cooking. Use it in cold drinks and pie fillings. It is recommended that Instant Clear Jel be thoroughly blended with sugar or other dry ingredients before it is added to liquids in order to prevent lumping and to insure smoothness. The presence of sugar acts to control the rate of the hydration of the starch.

Instant Clear Jel will begin to swell or thicken as soon as it is added to water, milk or juices; it will impart a smooth, short texture when fully hydrated. The viscosity will increase slightly upon heating. It has excellent heat and acid resistance and can be used in acid containing foods and in those applications where heating is required.

Instant Clear Jel also has good cold temperature storage stability making it particularly well suited for refrigerated and frozen foods. Store in a cool, dry place. We do not recommend refrigeration or freezing.

For One Pie: Combine 3 Tablespoons Instant Clearjel with 1/2 Cup sugar. Add 1 cup water or fruit juice and combine with enough fruit for one pie. Add food coloring if desired. Chill and serve.

- Use when preparing apple or other fruit pie filling.

- Mix with yogurt for instant Greek yogurt..

- Use in canning and to make jams and jellies.

- Use in place of cornstarch or flour for thickening soups, stews, gravies.

Shelf Life: 22-24 Months

Whipped Cream

One Pint whipping cream
½- ¾ cup confectioner’s sugar
1 tsp Hoosier Hill Farm Instant Clear Jel
1 tsp vanilla

Whip the cream until soft peaks form

In separate bowl whisk together the confectioners' sugar and Instant ClearJel. The ClearJel must be mixed in the confectioner’s sugar before adding or it will lump up. Add to the whipped cream and beat until the cream is stiff, add vanilla and stir.

Instant Berry Glaze

1 cup sugar
1/4 heaping cup Hoosier Hill Farm Instant Clear Jel
1 pkg. unsweetened, strawberry Kool-Aid
2 cup water
2 to 3 cup sliced berries, fresh or frozen

Place in large mixing bowl: sugar, clear jel, & Kool-Aid. Stir until dry ingredients are well mixed (prevents lumps when fruit is added). Add water and stir well. Stir in berries. Takes about 10 minutes to set up. Chill and serve
food starch - modified.
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Jun 27, 2015
a Hoosier Hill Farm customer
This Clear Jel is great stuff! There don't seem to be a lot of recipes on how to use it well in various ways so I've been experimenting with both this Instant Clear Jel and the one that requires cooking. Of the 2 - I like this one the best as you can determine the thickness of the final product instantly. I don't can foods, but I do make Berry Pies and this is absolutely perfect for making pies. You have to adjust the amount you use to the "type" of fruit, Fresh or Frozen fruit, the amount of fruit and the ripeness of the fruit as some fruits produce more juice than others -- but it's now my go-to thickener for berry pies. I particularly like its texture - and you can instantly make it as thick or thin as you want. BEST - you don't have to cook it. Wonderful blackberry pie!!! I first precook my own homemade pie shell - let it cool. Once the shell is cool, I sweeten fresh or frozen blackberries (I prefer frozen) with Sugar till thawed and juicy - about an hour. Then I add (1 T at a time) the Clear Jel to the Berry/Juice/Sugar Mixture and gently stir it. It thickens up immediately - no cooking. For a firm set pie (doesn't run) I use the full 3 T of Clear Jel for Berries that fill of the 9.5" pie shell. If you want it thinner, somewhat juicier or more runny, just add less till it's the texture you like. It holds up wonderfully in the Refrigerator as well.

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J. Kirksey
Nov 12, 2015
a Hoosier Hill Farm customer
I use a lot of Clear Jel, both the instant and the cook type for various pies I create. The instant is a wonderful product for your fruit fillings. Simply blend Clear Jel with the sugar and add to your fresh fruit. The amount you use will depend on whatever fruit you are using, I usually use 2 1/2-3 Tbs for apple filling and up to 5 Tbs for other fillings such as blackberry, strawberry etc, you'll need to experiment to get the firmness in the filling you desire. If you find your filling is too stiff, add a bit of water and fold it in to get the consistency you desire. The cook type is fantastic for pastry cream and various other cream fillings. Regular cornstarch can breakdown and get watery, Clearjel doesnt. Another great quality of cook type Clearjel is that what you see is what you get, that thickness you get on the stove is the same thickness you'll get after refrigeration. In fact, once it reaches it's thickened state while cooking, your done so you wont have the worry of overcooking your filling. I've used Hoosier Hill Farms Clearjel in the past and have always been more than pleased with the quality of their products. I consider their 1 1/2 lb container a great value and with the plastic jug I don't need to provide a container ( I purchased a LOT of containers for various ingredients). I highly recommend both these products and I will continue to be a repeat customer.

Advantages: Pie Maker's Magic Dust
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Hoosier Hill Farm Customer
Nov 5, 2015
a Hoosier Hill Farm customer
I use this for making my own instant pudding. Far better than any thickener I have tried.

Advantages: Every cook needs this
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Nancy Walz
Oct 14, 2015
a Hoosier Hill Farm customer
Was happy with this product.
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Jun 9, 2015
a Hoosier Hill Farm customer
Clear Jel is great for canning fruit. Love it.

Advantages: Great stuff
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