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Allergens and Product Information

We we take pride in offering items that meet nearly every dietary requirement and lifestyle choice. In addition, our allergens are clearly marked so you can purchase with confidence. Please see the chart below to find out what each icon means.

Blue badges contain basic product information:
H - Heirloom
N - Non-GMO
V- Vegan
E - Vegetarian
G - Gluten Free
C - Certified Gluten Free
F - Fat Free
K - Kosher
S - Sugar Free
A - All Natural
O - Organic
R - Hormone & rBST Free
B - BHT/BHA Free

Orange badges contain allergen information:
S - contains Soy
T - contains Tree Nuts
W - contains Wheat
D - contains Dairy
P - contains Peanuts
E - contains Egg
F - contains Fish
H - contains Shellfish