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Hoosier Hill Farm Pure White Candy Rock Crystals, 1 lb.

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Pure White Rock candy is the product of the further refining by recrystallization of pure cane sugar. In fact, it is the purest form of sugar available, because all impurities are excluded as large crystals form. Crystal growth is based on the particular characteristics of sugar (sucrose) chemistry, and cannot be done with the various "sugar free" substitutes found in the market. Rock Candy is made by breaking apart the sugar (sucrose) molecular crystal lattice and then allowing it to re-form in conditions that produce larger, purer crystals. A hot, saturated solution of cane sugar and water is cooled and the process produces the large crystals, which are then harvested as Rock Candy crystals.

- Great for decorating cakes and cupcakes, and sprinkling on sugar cookies.

- Also makes a great garnish on the rim of a glass for an adult or non-alcoholic beverage.

Shelf Life: 10-12 Months
cane sugar and water
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