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Hoosier Hill Farm Hoosier Boy Steak Seasoning 1.5 lb.

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Hoosier Boy Natural Steak Seasoning is an all natural seasoning made from a blend of coarse sea salt, black pepper, onion, garlic, dill seed, coriander seed, crushed red pepper, cumin and dill. It contains no added MSG. Great on Steaks, Hamburgers, etc.

For average steaks, use 1 teaspoon Hoosier Boy Steak Seasoning. Sprinkle the seasoning on a plate and press both sides of the steak into seasoning. Marinate for 20 minutes before grilling or broiling.

Other uses:

-- Mix 1 teaspoon into 1 pound ground beef or pork, form into patties and broil

-- Spray vegetable oil on raw potato wedges and sprinkle with seasoning, bake at 400 degrees until golden brown.

-- Sprinkle on soft pretzels or bagels before baking.

Shelf Life: 16-18 Months
Coarse Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Minced Garlic, Minced Onion, Granulated Garlic, Dill Weed, Non-GMO Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Coriander, Crushed Red Pepper, Cumin, Ascorbic Acid, Spice Extractives, Paprika Extractive.

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  • Author: Tina Gray
    Please lower the quantity of SALT!!!!! It is delicious but way too salty.