> > Hoosier Hill Farm Food Grade Malic acid, 25 lb

Hoosier Hill Farm Food Grade Malic acid, 25 lb

Malic acid with no additives. A fruit acid most common in apples. The most common use of malic acid is in food products, notably in candy and potato chips.

- Sour candies often use it rather than its sweeter cousin, citric acid, as the sourness is more intense.
- Salt and vinegar flavored potato chips also use it to produce a tart, vinegar-like flavor.
- For wine making - Malic Acid lowers pH a bit less than Tartaric acid, and is less sour. Excellent for making acid adjustments in Gewurztraminer, Muscat, and Reisling wines when Tartaric acid is not appropriate. You do not want to add malic acid to any wine that will undergo a malolactic fermentation, as roughly half of the added malic acid will not convert to lactic acid during a malolactic fermentation.

This Malic Acid has been produced by a completely synthetic process.

Shelf Life: 10-12 Months
Malic Acid

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