> > Hoosier Hill Farm Imitation Chicken Chunks (Unflavored TVP - SOY Protein), 3 lb Bag

Hoosier Hill Farm Imitation Chicken Chunks (Unflavored TVP - SOY Protein), 3 lb Bag

Hoosier Hill Farm TVP Imitation Chicken Pieces are large, unflavored light-colored chunks. Very firm, and about 3/4 of an inch across. May be used in place of chicken or other white meats in recipes. This product is unflavored, and will mimic raw meat once hydrated.

Make great vegetarian dishes!
Soy Flour.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: kyleandrew1986@hotmail.com
    The chunks are AMAZING. I only rehydrate them in chicken broth and it's honestly just like eating chicken. I have not marinated the chunks before, but I am sure that tastes great too! I have used them in omelets and on pizza am always amazed how much the chucks enhance other foods. I am very satisfied with this product and will continue to order more as long as they are in stock!
  • Author: Carlos Perero
    This product is a great replacement for chicken in meals. I use it to make Kung Pao "chicken", popcorn "chicken", fried rice w/ "chicken bits", sloppy joes, barbacoa tacos, etc. Honestly makes a great chicken when you rehydrate it in stock and then press it (in your hands) prior to using it to remove the moisture. If you don't press it and instead just shred it, it's makes a very great shredded pork replacement. I'll shred, then press half of them and crisp them up and mix with the unpressed ones. Tah dah! Great texture this way.

    In terms of rehydrating, the bag has no suggestions but I pour boiling hot stock on top of it and cover, then leave it for 10-15 minutes or so for a quick meal. Marinate of overnight for real depth of flavor. Remember to press it if you're using whole chunks or the texture just kinda sucks.