Big Daddy Mac mix, No Color Added, 1 lb

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Sep 18, 2015
a Hoosier Hill Farm customer
I really like this cheese mix. I didn't add butter in mine. I made a smaller portion than what the label called for because my 2 year old and I don't eat that much. I just added the powder a little at a time and then added the milk the same. I used room temperature milk to prevent clumping. It makes really creamy macaroni and cheese. It is way better than easy mac. Me and my little boy eat this for a quick snack most of the time. We have also made this for a large side dish with our meal. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.

Advantages: Cheese mix
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Sandy Nguyen
Jun 5, 2020
a Hoosier Hill Farm customer
Wow! Hoosier has taken dehydrated foods to another level! I was not expecting much considering this was so easy to make. I had expectations of a gritty and salty sauce. This wasn’t the case at all. It wasn’t completely smooth, but maybe the leftovers will be. It was tangy, rich and not so salty. I used one cup of mix for one lb of dried pasta. 10/10 will make again.
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Jun 26, 2020
I was looking to get away from boxed pasta mixes, and decided to give this a try. Mac & cheese made with this sauce mix got a unanimous thumbs-up from my family. We loved the tangy flavor. I didn't have any trouble with clumps. Stir it a few times and the sauce becomes smooth, and will thicken as it cools slightly. This is a very handy jar to have in your pantry.

Advantages: Tasty. Easy. Convenient.

Disadvantages: Addictive!
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Art and Soul
Sep 2, 2015
a Hoosier Hill Farm customer
Received this promptly, packaged well. Tried it today. Overall, it has a good flavor. After reading some reviews about lumps, I carefully added the butter into the macaroni first [ the recipe calls for 4 Tbsp. for one cup macaroni ] It's a lot of butter for a cup of macaroni cooked. So then I slowly added the room temp milk [for better blending...instead of cold milk] Then gradually added the dry cheese mix, while stirring after each addition. It seemed to blend just fine. Then the taste test....not bad, a fair substitute for homemade, although while eating it I came across some very hard bits that were not dissolved...and they didn't seem to want to be dissolved, if you know what I mean. There were only a few of them, just pushed them off to the side. I found this to be a very rich tasting bowl of mac, so much so that I didn't really want to eat much of it. [probably all the butter....and normally I like buttery tasting food.] conclusion....this is probably a quick alternative for baked mac and cheese, especially if you're feeding kids small portions. {up to you if you want them to have the butter} And if I remember correctly the Easy Mac, it reminds me of that. Since I now own the 1 lb. carton, I may try it sprinkled on some foods like broccoli or potatoes. Will use it for a quick version of baked mac and cheese....but it won't take the place of real baked mac and cheese for me. Kinda just left me wanting the real thing....and it is not that much more trouble for me to make it homemade.

Advantages: Not Bad Taste But Very Rich
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N. Grover
Aug 31, 2015
a Hoosier Hill Farm customer
It makes a nice cheese sauce. Takes a while to get the clumps out, but it does smooth out. Good flavor. I've used it as a base for mac & cheese, usually adding their orange cheddar powder by the tablespoonful. I like the no color though, for when I don't need to feed a child. :)

Advantages: Nice Pantry Staple
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Dorothy Kwiatkowski
Oct 27, 2015
a Hoosier Hill Farm customer
I made by the recipe in the back and it came out good....not as saltily as KMC and we all enjoyed it. I like large chance of running out. Plus you can make any size portion you need to make a whole box size can whip up a snack sized portion in just a few minutes. It was tasty and creamy and it will last many years (unless it gets gobbled up) as an easy emergency food supply. I have bought a few other Hoosier Hill products and I have found them all to be a high quality.

Advantages: Delicious cheesy...mac and cheese
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Sep 8, 2017
a Hoosier Hill Farm customer
Tastes delicious for my Mac 'n Cheese, and I'm very appreciative that you carry this product without the unnecessary color added. Please continue to provide products that are as healthy as possible. Thanks!
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