Big Daddy Mac Mix, Original 1 lb

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Aug 10, 2017
I was skeptical at first. But eventually, i saw enough reviews on here and amazon to buy a POUND Of this stuff and try it.

I was very surprised how good it is. I've used it to supplement store brand box powder dinners and it brings it to life.

I've also made my own elbows and used a good amount of milk and usually 2 tablespoons of butter and then for what would be a cup of elbows, dumped 3-4 big heaping tablespoons of this stuff on it.

It was great without anything else. But then another time I added some table salt and it was a lot better. It does need -some- added salt. But for those who are watching salt intake, its great as-is.

Last night, I put a little more salt in it. It turned out to be TOO MUCH. But what surprised me was it was almost exactly the same flavor as kraft brand before they let the food police tell them what to do with yellow 5 food coloring. So if you want a near kraft taste, add salt.

If you could still get an original normal kraft box again, I'm not sure you'd notice much difference. I believe you'd know its NOT the new recipe they have that is terrible.

Advantages: For those that dont want spicy paprika in their mac/cheese, and DO Want their yellow 5 and 6, THIS IS FOR YOU.

( psst, 40 years of eating this here and there will NOT HURT ANYONE. I'm just fine )

For those complaints about lack of dissolving, I found that if you use more milk and give the powder more milk to dissolve in, it wont clump. Though you will use a bit more mix, but it's worth it.

-- Dont change anything Hoosier Hill and you have a customer for life.

Disadvantages: It's not cheap. But its worth the cost so you and maybe your kids can have a NORMAL life experience in their life with mac/cheese.
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