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Hoosier Hill Farm Real Butter powder, 1 lb

Hoosier Hill Farm Real Butter Powder is easier to handle and has a shelf life much longer than real butter. It is the ingredient of choice for chefs searching to improve performance without compromising quality or product integrity. Our 1 pound Real Butter Powder is packaged in a sturdy plastic jar and sealed for freshness.

Our butter powder is perfect for Soups, Sauces and Mixes. Use Hoosier Hill Farm Real Butter Powder to replace churned butter!

Mix ratio 1:1

- Use this to replace churned butter in your baking and cooking recipes.

- Sprinkle on popcorn, potatoes, and vegetables to add instant flavor to your dishes.

- Mix with freshly minced garlic to make a great garlic bread spread

- Make white milk gravy using Powdered Milk, Powdered Butter, and 2 Tablespoons of Heavy Cream Powder

Naturally Gluten Free.

rBGH and rBST.free.

Shelf Life: 10-12 months

The policy of Hoosier Hill Farm is to provide products free of any bovine growth hormone drugs (including rBST). Our milk supplier(s) have signed affidavits stating that they do not use these drugs. Therefore, we can certify that our products are free from these hormones.

****Available in large bulk sizes to our Wholesale Customers. Visit our Wholesale Landing page for more details on this free program.****

Perfect “Just Add Water” Home-Made Pancake Mix

Yield: Each 2 1/4 cup mix makes 9 pancakes
Recipe makes enough for 4 mixes

2 cups all purpose flour
2 cups cake flour
1 cup Hoosier Hill Farm Whole Powdered Milk or Instant Non-Fat Milk Powder
3/4 cup Hoosier Hill Farm Old-Fashioned Malted Milk Powder
1/3 cup sugar
2 Tbsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 Tbsp salt
1/2 cup Hoosier Hill Farm Real Butter Powder
1/4 cup + 3 Tbsp Hoosier Hill Farm Whole Egg Powder
3/4 cup Hoosier Hill Farm Buttermilk Powder

Measure and sift the ingredients (as needed) and mix well. When ready to cook, whisk 2 1/4 cups mix with 1 cup minus 1 Tbsp water. Prepare your griddle (over medium low heat) by
placing a good sized drop of water on it and heating. Once the water drop boils the griddle is hot enough to cook. Spray with nonstick cooking spray and wipe any excess oil from
the pan. Cook by 1/4 cup portions about 2 minutes per side. Serve and enjoy!

Beef Stroganoff

1 Tbsp. Hoosier Hill Farm Porcini Mushroom Powder
2 Tbsp. diced dried onion
2 Tbsp. Hoosier Hill Farm All American Whole Milk Powder
2 Tbsp. Hoosier Hill Farm Sour Cream Powder or Extra Tangy Sour Cream Powder
1 Tbsp. flour
1 Tbsp. tomato powder
1 tsp. Hoosier Hill Farm Old Fashioned Easy Beef Gravy Mix
1 tsp. Hoosier Hill Farm Real Butter Powder
Ground Black Pepper to taste

Add liquid (water or milk) to desired consistency. Serve with beef or mushrooms over egg noodles.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Verified Customer
    wish they were bigger containers
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Beware when you buy this, the container is only 2/3's full but it does weigh 1 pound.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    I was disappointed in the actual storage time of this pkg.(About one year) I thought it had a long storage life. I didn't plan on using this product real soon and now I am going to have to start using it so it will be used up the expiration date. Storage life info was not very clear. I would have given it a better rating had the storage life and the packaging info been more clear. After all that being said I have not opened this package yet so I cannot attest to the taste.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Delicious and well maid. It has a sweetens to it that is great for cooking things like ham and chicken, I do think it could use some salt or garlic added.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Do not have much use for it, I bought it to try something new.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    This butter powder tastes fine and is easy to use. It is non-GMO--an essential requirement in our household--and makes our off-the-grid recipes much more palatable although city folks with fridges would find it handy, too. The ingredients are as follows: Butter (sweet cream, salt, annatto color) and nonfat milk solids. [The label does not give the relative proportions of butter and nonfat milk solids, something we would have liked to know.]
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Great for popcorn
  • Author: Verified Customer
    In storage for the coming zombie wars and haven't tried it.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Great product. Prompt service. Will order again.
  • Author: Verified Customer
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Awesome product. Tastes great.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Good product. Used it for a multi-day backpacking trip and it was quite good.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    This Butter Powder is very good and so convenient. It's great to have on hand for an emergency and easy to store. I love the container. I didn't even realize that there was such a thing as "Butter Powder." I'm glad I ordered it. I am a very pleased customer.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Tastes great, added to recipes and will use this a lot.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Ok I am single and don't keep a lot of food on hand, but it's great when a recipe calls for it I just have do a little mixing and bam I have butter. So no more wasting of food in this house!
  • Author: Verified Customer
    I picked up this butter powder to make household food mixes ready for backpacking. Butter in your mashed potatoes? Check. Butter as called for in your stuffing recipe? Check. It tastes good and has worked perfectly for bringing real butter on to the trail.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    taste is great
  • Author: Verified Customer
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Great product.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    I received six different items which I have not opened and don't want to open now. The containers are acttractive and stackable.I like that verymuch. The reviews enticed me to choose your brand.I am elderly I don't go out to shop much and the convience of having non- perishableItems on hand is very helpful.i shop often on line and read the reviews before I buy.I thank Hossier Hill for the variety of products you offer
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Speedy delivery. Great product!
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Makes a great spreadable! Tastes wonderful, and makes an awesome garlic spread!
  • Author: Verified Customer
    I'd never even heard of powdered butter prior to ordering this, but it was perfect for camping meals. We pre-mixed it with potato flakes, pancake mix, etc. then added water and cooked everything all together.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    We were looking for a product to take camping to replace the messy butter sticks or tubs. Also thought it might be useful in baking. It is way better than we expected. I've made pancakes twice and just mixed a tablespoon of powder in with the other dry ingredients and , presto, no need to top with butter or margarine. Works great with biscuits too.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    tastes great, almost like butter. just wondering because on their site you get 1.5 lbs for the same price.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Great family of products!
  • Author: Verified Customer
    This is wonderful - I make white milk gravy using powdered milk, powdered butter (all Hoosier Hill products) and a couple tablespoons of powdered heavy cream, salt and pepper to taste....its wonderful. So glad I found this company.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Love butter so much I put it in everything!
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Yum. Butter for home popped popcorn. Better than the liquid butter flavored bright yellow oil that can be purchased at the supermarket.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Great stuff, multiple uses! Absolutely great on popcorn!
  • Author: Verified Customer
    I had a small issue with my order and they went above and beyond to make it right. I would definitely purchase this product again, and plan to order more from this company soon.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor of this butter powder from Hoosier Hill Farms. I was so afraid that it would taste off or rancid, but it tastes like fresh butter. I didn't much care for the texture when hydrated with water right off, but it improved a little after refrigeration. I will have to experiment with it and update this review.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    Good, very clean powdered butter, seller and Hoosier Hill Farm did what they said they would do.
  • Author: Verified Customer
    very very very good butter powder from Hoosier Hill Farm. I specifically like the texture of this 1 pound canister.
  • Author: a.l.julian+HOOSIERHILLFARM@gmail.com
    Label, while having reconstitution instruction, does not include information on yield.
  • Author: cafin2@yahoo.com
  • Author: confused
    followed the reconstitution instruction 1 part powder to 1 part liquid, and it made a butter soup slurry. don't think this is working the way it should, and definitely don't understand how to use the resulting product for cooking or use on bread. probably would be okayish mixed into something like mashed potatoes. not suitable for spreading on bread. this all assumes that the slurry doesn't firm up in the fridge. I've got the butter soup chilling now. the label doesn't really give the first time use the info needed to use this product.